Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

baby bimpire comes of age

post #334: we've reached our photo storage limit! no more pictures on this blog. but, after the apple sale is over, i'll put some attention into starting up a new one. any name suggestions? i was thinking about the kristasphere, but it will more than likely be more along the lines of bimpire the second, an homage to the person who makes this bimmity life possible.

oh, did i mention the apple sale is still going FOR ONE MORE DAY? i'd like to send an informal thanks to all our kind contributors! and i'd like to send you a little something, too. watch your mail in the coming days.

ONE MORE DAY! WE COULD MAKE IT! a reminder to those who live far away: you don't have to buy apples. a small donation in any amount is gratefully received! the fundraiser helps keep tuition lower so more kids can attend.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

that's how it dooz

Little and i officially have an inside joke. i would tell you about it, but then it would be outside.

our first day back to preschool was pretty smooth and almost completely lovely, if you don't count the hours before and after. it started sometime during what they call the wee hours (as if that makes them cuter) when a third person squeezed into our bed too excited to sleep the night before school. i suppose that is pretty cute. i tried to ignore the wisdom that poor quality sleep can lead to poor quality parenting, which could have given me an excuse to be as crazy on the outside as i felt on the inside. let the record show: i was excellent all day. Little HAS SO MUCH TO LEARN FROM ME.

she was truly sweet and playful with Liv today and i want to remember those hugs and giggles and lolling around. so skip ahead through hours of verbal abuse and accusations (hers to me) until at last she climbed onto my bed, curled up next to me, and slept for the next three hours. at moments like that you don't let yourself think ahead to what challenges will arise at bedtime after a child has slept all afternoon--and into the evening. at least i don't. i would have cried with relief if only i hadn't been so exhausted.

later i was taken completely by surprise when Little went to wash her hands at our bathroom sink without her step stool and barely had to get on tippy toes. she is that tall.

mom, i told you to not say that to me!
mom, don't close your eyes! DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES!
moooooooooooooooooooom! NO! i told you i don't WANNA [ to you...act like a reasonable human being]
i told you i wanna WATCH! *sniffle* a watch will make me happy.

it was a day full of excitement, wonder, anger, thrills, worry, a little bit of TV, laughter and time spent side by side, and eye to eye. a day i earned.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little's wind chime

this project was inspired, i think, by blues clues. all i know for sure is that it had to be done right away before someone's head exploded. {and visited often.}

chronicles of the dress-up wardrobe

the bee family eats honey cake

daddy-daughter campout

can't even tell {?} Little was throwing up just hours before this trip. she couldn't STAND the thought of missing it and wouldn't entertain any such notion. all's well that ends well. i am informed that these pictures were taken after drinking an astonishing amount of orange juice.

before the big one

my computer is due for a monumental crash. it's given me plenty of warning signs and still i eke out what minutes i can between regular stalls & fits. this is the best i can do for now.
there. that wasn't so hard.
i think i'll try another.