Saturday, October 31, 2009

you'll wear it and you'll LIKE IT!

it's not right the way i've been eating their candy. so i let a few things slide, like sneaky-secret candy eating from the jar she's not supposed to be able to reach. because i know.

halloween morning i woke early after a restless sleep. {shout} BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS FUN!

{whisper} ...for the children.

i just can't resist hijacking this holiday. costumes are uber-fun. candy is wonderful. i know there are people out there who decorate their christmas trees on christmas eve and buy candy on halloween day. fine for them. i start planning costumes in march. or even, november. i try to use materials i already have around the house. the only purchase i had to make was a men's shirt with a medical logo, from Goodwill. i cut it down to sew a lab coat for Little.

but this morning, after being jangled awake by my ticking brain, i began to mentally prepare myself for the worst: i'm on my way to a chain store to buy a costume {ew} for a little girl who decided she didn't care for the TWO her mama made for her. she wants to be a scaaaaary dinosaur. curse the library and its cursed books teaching my kid to choose her own costume!

at least it won't be hard to "get" her costume. "what is she, doctor frankenstein? a mad scientist? einstein? gene wilder?" yes. all of those. my favorite was the year i went to a party dressed as hester prynne; 3 people thought i was the first letter of the alphabet.

okay, gotta go...before the dinosaurs are all gone. happy halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


ja! und das ist die *zehr gut* oktoberpost mit meine schonste kinder fotos

das baby canst nicht crawl.

sie hast eine new room.

aber das elder swester ist nicht happy about it.

aber das ist too bad.


"ich habe der tiny toes begotten"

das oktober general conference ist die best time fur kristmascraftsmachen mit lauren.

und die pumpkin chokolatetreatsmachen mit PJ.

und die scary van gogh hauntedkastlepicturemachen.

ach! der elder swester hast nicht das glittersharen.

see, world? sea world.