Monday, March 29, 2010

the easter before easter

to kick off a week of chicks & bunnies, frogs and endless egg hunts,
the girls wore their easter finery to church yesterday for first easter.
no pictures of those yet, but the festivities have officially begun.

some post-equinox spring moments...

equinox, equinox. i just like using that word.

oh. turns out Liv speaks bunny.

saw this straw hat (below) in a thrift store and declared that we would be
observing the easter bonnet tradition this year.

a little mess therapy on the front lawn: little bowls of dry cornmeal and lots of spoons.
feels so good on the fingers...and the toes. and the face.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"we few, we happy few"

{overheard recently}

"this is the best stick i ever had for my birthday. in fack, it's the only stick i ever had."

"mom, do you fink we can get a new baby? let's get hannah's baby."

"my lauren tells me i want to have candy."

"mommy, mommy, wait, wait, mommy, mom, mom, mom, mom..."

"oops, that was not my burp. that was my toot." {giggle}

"mommy, i'm sorry you made me sad. i told you not to check my fings."

"i fink i have to. but i can't. but i have to."

{current obsessions}

the best computer games ever

"my folding fing" origami

pink fluffy rabbits

anything on the boob tube. anything at all. last week she sat in her little green chair in front of the TV and watched 45 minutes of sir laurence olivier in henry v. she would have watched the whole thing if i hadn't made her go to bed.

look, a boat! look, horses!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

doot doo

in which Liv says "thank you," and is a right smart gal.
Wee is not much bigger today at nearly 14 months than she was at 8 months, which i appreciate. but i tend to notice what she isn't doing more than what she is.
she can't walk, but she can {barely} stand up.

she can't speak very good English, but she can repeat polysyllabic phrases. several people now have told me they could swear she just said, "thank you." i've heard her do this and i can confirm that it is so. sounds like, "doot doo."
she can't jump rope, but she can put away a whole banana in one sitting.
she can't do long division but she can make the signs for "more" and "all done," and very proudly too.
it should also be said that Liv has a promising sense of humor. she's been playing games with us since she could first grunt, and her delight at our mutual understanding is about as enthusiastic as my delight.
a few of Liv/Wee's nicknames:
  • livers
  • livermeyer
  • livermeyer lemontree
  • livermeyer sugarbeggar
  • liverlou, or lulu
  • zuskit {zeus-kit}, derived from Little's pronunciation of the word "music."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

beach days are here again

my happy place

oh, eaton canyon, filled with my favorite small people. i don't love you much, do i? just more than anything else in this whole world.

dramatic much?

i believe!

pinewood derby days have come and gone. many prayers were offered, but i am pretty sure the girl still won (right, mia?). good show, men, good show.

i love this shot of PJ (in the back, kissing his car for luck) and his friend, Max.
hey, whatever works.

they came from the sea...

ten days = not enough days.

my girls were in a magical place where someone pays attention to them every minute. i was in my own heaven, where sweet older children help the little ones into and out of their car seats, feed them and hold them when they're sad about not getting enough candy to fuel a locomotive. oh, but wait. they did get that much candy. they always do.

check out cool cousin grace blowing THEIR MINDS:

not my finest moment

in case you didn't notice, that's an ice cream cone in each hand.
i'm ready for my mother of the year crown and bouquet now...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh, well

i had to make a small change in my blog privacy settings because i've been getting regular unwanted comments from a spammer. now i just have to read comments and approve them before they appear. sorry.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

can't find her harmonica

universe, can you help?

ps: dad. the crew has voted and your songs win for dance-ability.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fresh it up

i'm there again: all of my favorite music is so loaded with memories that i can't listen without entertaining random and uninvited ghosts. do you know this feeling? i need something new.

can you recommend something? i like all kinds.

thank you. Little is saying, "Enough, Mom. That's enough," which is my cue to get off the computer.