Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Teeny Halloweeny

Ally, Violet and Samuel

I made two Halloween costumes for Ally--a ladybug and a blueberry--both of which turned out too big. And my little escape artist won't hold still for a picture. Here's the best I could do.
We had a great time celebrating with the Finlinsons: chili dogs, cider, doughnuts...yum.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What a change from yesterday. The A/C went from not turning ON to not turning OFF. I am wearing socks to keep my feet warm! It's great! Except for the need to covserve energy I would blast it 24 hours a day. Now I can burn my holiday smelly candle and open the curtains and engage in strenuous activities, like mopping the floor. How grateful I am.

Ally learned to open cupboard doors today. She can climb into the stroller basket, but not out again. She understands "no" but she sure doesn't like it.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes, we have no air conditioning. Yes, the repair man has been here every day for a week and still can't solve the problem. No, we are not turning on each other.

Our A/C blow-out happened, blessedly, at the turn of the seasons. If the two events hadn't coincided, I wouldn't be in a mood for jokes. Ally and I would probably be stretched out on our tile floor panting and trying not to move. But it's no longer in the 90+ degrees every day! Now it's only in the mid-eighties. Who knew a few degrees could make such a difference.

So, to get a jump on November reflections, today I am thankful for air conditioning and swimming pools and beautiful October weather. And baby alligators.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Play Dating

Before steady dating, or even group dating, comes play dating. Ally loves playing with Samuel and Jane and Telsey and Trae. (We miss Julian and Caleb too!--Ally's very first play dates).

Pictures for Lauren

My sister asked for some pictures of Ally. Be careful what you wish for, Loi. These were taken on our trip to New York.

Miami Shores Ward YW

We just had an international food and talent festival where the girls represented Haiti. Here they are dressed in their dance outfits getting ready to do what they do best--perform.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Medium Wavy

It's fall! And that means...waves? I actually don't know what fall in Florida will bring, but I'm watching for any signs, however subtle, that the seasons are changing in this land of endless summer. It may be coincidence, but I notice the waves have been higher and sassier lately--the kiteboarders have noticed too. The air is a little cooler (although it still doesn't seem quite right to use the word "cool"). Most welcome of all is the wind. All day and night it whistles and whips around our corner apartment. We hope it brings holidays without hurricanes.

Speaking of very fast wind, hurricane season officially ends November 30, so we still have some weeks to go before we stop caring about what's on the weather channel. Until then, keep a finger in the air (index finger, please) for us.

In other news, Bim is enjoying his job as seminary teacher (and his actual job as a clerk for a federal district judge in the southern district of Florida). I am still working at home with my copywriting business and am currently the Young Women President of the Miami Shores Ward.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Travel Bug

The blue ribbon goes to Ally this summer for excellent behavior in a car seat by land, air and sea. In June we attended the Stimpson family reunion (my mom's side) in Sunriver Oregon (with a stopover in Seattle). In July we were in Key West for Bim's job. Then back to the Northwest for my sister Lauren's wedding in Portland and back (again) to Key West. Finally, a long President's Day weekend in New York City, where our gracious friend Megan hosted us for 2 days. We spent the other 2 days in a very decent hotel called the Woogo on the upper west side.

In New York we visited the Met Opera for Madama Butterfly; the Columbus Day parade (showcasing Bono, New York's Finest, Bravest and Boldest--the latter being the city's sanitation workers--as well as a giant "floating" bust of Christopher himself); the Brooklyn Bridge; Central Park and Times Square. On Saturday we skipped town for a quick visit to Mystic, Connecticut, site of the largest maritime museum in the world and, importantly, the October Chowder Festival. We also fit in a slice of Mystic Pizza. A beautiful day despite the traffic, and a memorable weekend overall.