Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

We spent the morning at Forest Lawn, imagining that Great-Grandpa Halverson was there with us. Little objected to bringing flowers at first, having "better" ideas of what "Mama's Grandpa" might like.
the picture Little is holding - below - looks blank, but is actually a decent depiction of a green turtle.
our friend, Emily, from Seattle joined us.
Grandpa H. is at the top of my list of people-i-wish-i-had-met. i hope he enjoyed the donuts.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ain't no sunshine when he's gone

i had a true epiphany the other night just before i fell asleep: how to keep it together when my small people are losing their minds. it was very zen and i almost laughed out loud at how easy.... i really wish i could remember what it was.

it may be to watch this movie over and over again.

or this one. if your littles are anything like mine {completely lacking in discretion, but super lucky to have such awesome options available}, they'll enjoy both.

Friday, May 14, 2010

free will kicks my butt again

i moved the high chair to the garage today after many failed attempts, over several days, to seat Liv in it. she is against baby things now. i have tried to explain that she looks a little foolish trying to get into and out of a chair by herself, but it's no good.
apparently, what's good enough for Little is good enough for Liv. so noted.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


the best meditation is this: to watch your child fall asleep. not just any child will do, though it's a fine thing to see any small one off to their dreams and quiet. it's part of our routine these days; first i rock Wee to a twilight sleep--that posture of surrender while still stirring softly--then put her gently on her back and close the door. meanwhile Little thumps around collecting her books, and then it's her turn. she reads to me, i read to her, we talk about our day and make up if we've had {m}any regrettable outbursts. she's so forgiving at this hour, so warm and near and wanting to be so. she makes soft clicking sounds with her lips and tongue as she settles under my arm, then gradually rolls into her own space. she's asleep before i think it's possible.

the best sleep: is in the tent in the backyard. happy mother's day to me.

the best mother's day gift in church: is the sweet, edible kind. way to come through for me, pasadena. almost makes up for the hymn i had to lead last week. again we meet around the board...? really? i'm still reeling from that soprano solo. here's a tip. there aren't as many sopranos out there as there are women who think they're sopranos. but i give the people what they want: a show. of buffoonery.

happy mother's day to you.

& happy 300th post, Bimpire!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

what 'not tired' looks like

i finally got liv to bed about 20 minutes ago. she went from 90mph to 0 in about 5 seconds, proving what i had suspected, but was still relieved to know: that she was in fact overtired, and not ... {imagined scenario} ... metabolizing a coctail of happy pills she found under the computer desk.

the evidence could have gone either way: shadow boxing, balancing the sippy cup in her teeth {look, no hands!}, shout-singing into empty cups, climbing up pillows and sliding back down on her face, laughing at her own jokes.

i think the highlight for me was when she attempted 30 yoga poses in 30 seconds. it was difficult to balance with all the giggling.

i can't decide which i like better. hyper liv or throw-pillow liv {oh, hi! didn't see you there, plumpy}. both versions are good company.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it's just another morning here

the world is ending. pass it on.

meanwhile, i stare at the babies. if i am looking directly at them when arizona explodes, california breaks apart and falls off of america, and all ocean-dwelling wildlife takes a final, collective, oil-choked breath, i might not notice that i no longer exist.

remember. keep your eyes on the babies.