Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Pictures For Fun

Little likes to twirl.

(pretty dress courtesy of G.A.C. - Great Aunt Coy)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodbye To All That

Leaving Miami means saying goodbye. I thought I would start a few days early to lessen the pain. So, farewell to...

The High Humidity - good bye, dramatic daily thunderstorms

The High Holidays - good bye to our friendy Jewish neighbors who taught me more about orthodox customs

The High & Tight - Sigh. I think I will miss you most of all.

(we're trading her in for a straighter-haired version to go with the dry western air)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Safe Place

Some things worry me. "Things" that are, for me, too frightening or disturbing even to write down. I won't go into them here.

But some things don't worry me at all--my home, my future. And here's the big one: my hubs. I am married to someone whose actions obey a conscious, deliberate desire to do right by people. Whose affection is abundant and genuine. Who strives for great things but does nothing at the expense of his family. Who is not above wearing a stupid hat if I ask him to.

Bim just had a birthday and boy am I glad he was born. My love for him is as strong as the shins of a billygoat. As long as all the hotwheels in all the world lined up end to end. As deep as a bearskin rug to a deer tick.

In other words, infinity times infinity.

Because of him I am in a safe place, where I can think and say what's in my heart (even when it's scary) without fear of losing his love and respect. Without that freedom, I think I would be preoccupied with finding it. Having the need met - so frankly that I could easily forget how remarkable it is - lets me think about other things, things not necessarily relating to my personal happiness. Imagine what that means to a person. He makes it possible for me to be greater than I am.

And it's not even my birthday.

We move next week and he has been released from his job as seminary teacher. But tonight he is spending his hours driving those high school kids around Miami so they can have one last party. He spent all afternoon preparing for it and ignored all of my corner-cutting suggestions. That's why he's my favorite.

Happy Birthday, Bim.
(Those of you who know and love Bim, please join me in wishing him a happy 30th! Really, join me - leave comments.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Since She Asked

Abby tagged me. I think I am supposed to share 6 things that most people don’t know about are 3 things I like and 3 things I don’t.


I love to put my head in the freezer and inhale through my nostrils. Some people already know this, but it’s probably not common knowledge. Before you judge me, just try it.

When I am watching TV or reading or concentrating on something, I wiggle my toes. I’m pretty sure most people don’t know this; I didn’t know myself until Bim pointed it out. Since then I catch myself doing it all the time. I am doing it right now.

If I could have chosen any career (and the talent it requires) it would have been rock star. I would want to be the singer and lead guitar of the band, which would also have a banjo player. One of my deepest longings is to play the guitar someday.


I don’t like to hear myself talk.

I hate waste. Before I throw anything away I have to be pretty convinced that I couldn’t make something out of it first. I recently tried to justify the existence of two very old, worn t-shirts by sewing them into Little’s favorite animal, a kitty. I didn’t use a pattern. It looks like a nude rodent.

I guess this fits into the "I hate waste" disclosure, but it bothers me so much that I have to give it a category by itself: Why do grocery baggers put milk gallons in bags? PLASTIC MILK JUGS HAVE A HANDLE! THEY HAVE A HANDLE! Please, stop the insanity. Don't let the bagger bag your milk. And don't ever, ever, let them double bag it.

Who next? I tag Annie.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Merciful Heavens

Oh, I am so addicted. Blogging has become more of soul-building exercise than a pastime for me. (Why did I spend so many years working in an office?!?!) Today I discovered fMh: feminist Mormon housewives, and a whole gaggle of duckies like me who are interested in, well, stuff that girls like. Whether or not you are interested in the discussion threads on fMh, the sidebar links are very worth traveling through.

I highly recommend Exponent II for my friends out there who are likewise Mormon and likewise girls. Boys are welcome to read too.

A picture I like to look at by Jeanne Leighton Lundberg Clarke.

Find some other wonderful LDS artists here.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Our camera broke. That's a passive way of me saying that I broke the camera. Or, at least, I put it in my bag where something heavy fell on it.

I think it may be a good thing to go without it for a little while. It's nice to see Ally through my two eyes instead of one squinty eye through a lens. And I realize I'm due for some updates on her development and general wonderfulness.

Ally is saying a lot of words now and is pretty adept at repeating sounds she hears. Her vocabulary is sufficient to communicate her basic needs: hug, more, shoes, socks, hat, ball, kick, car, play, bath, eat, egg, candy (oops), diaper, papa, walk, poo poo, coat, brush, teeth, play, water, milk, cheese, bear, baby, up, down, go out, and [mommy/daddy] where go?

She loves to spin and dance and get dragged around the apartment on a blanket. She loves to give kisses through the window and take giant steps and color with crayons. We both love running up and down the halls of the building chasing the ball. Her favorite (and only) movie is "Baby Signing Time" and she asks for it all day. I even play the music in the car and she sings along; yesterday I discovered that she knows the playlist well enough to predict the next song and she tells me what it's going to be. Hat! or Wash!

I hope as long as I live I won't forget the sight of her wild curly head and small body standing on the balcony with the ocean behind her. I get such a bittersweet feeling watching her there. It's so nearly heaven; I think this feeling must be a longing to get closer.

Reminds me of a poem I love.

Haunted Importantly
by Jack Gilbert

It was in the transept of the church, winter in
the stones, the dim light brightening on her,
when Linda said, Listen. Listen to this, she said.
When he put his ear against the massive door,
there were spirits singing inside. He hunted for it
afterward. In Madrid, he heard the bell begin somewhere
in the night rain. Worked his way through
the tangle of alleys, the sound deeper and more
powerful as he got closer. Short of the plaza,
it filled all of him and he turned back. No need,
he thought, to see the bell. It was not the bell
he was trying to find, but the angel lost
in our bodies. The music that thinking is.
He wanted to know what he heard, not to get closer.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lauren Is So Pretty

We loved having CAL (Cool Aunt Lauren) at our house for a 5-night sleepover. Come back to see us again soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes, We Have No Trams Today

This Saturday we had high hopes for the Fruit & Spice Park, a tropical orchard where you can ride a little tram through the trees and have fresh fruit picked and served to you as you ride. Tip: always check the Web site or other information source before driving far in search of the best family day ever.

We didn't, and so we happened to go during the Asian Culture Festival, when the tram was not in service. We were a little disappointed that we'd be expected to walk instead. With no fruit. Happily, the weather was bright and (yeah!) we got to sample the curries and pad thai and coconut smoothies at the food stands.

A good day after all.

Yes, we have no bananas.