Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Rats of the Sky

There's an apartment building a few blocks up the street from us with a distinctive roof. When we first moved here we used it to find our way home. I wondered what its purpose was, and finally decided it was just for decoration.

Until I saw the size of the pigeons out here.

It's all clear now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everything's Happening at the Zoo

I don't like the zoo much. There is never enough space for the animals and the climate never seems to suit them and aren't they always just lying there on the ground looking like demoralized and exhausted lumps of fur?

Now for the part that shows my true colors: I don't seem to mind the inhumanity as much when the zoo provides super-fun surry bicycles to pedal around on. Suddenly the zoo seems like a magical place with happy animals and laughing children.

We went to the Miami Metrozoo on Saturday and it was the best experience at a zoo I have ever had. There was a little water park for Ally to cool off in, aforementioned super-fun surry bikes, and a cool tropical breeze ruffling the lustrous fur of the lions and tigers.

Now, if they would just give the mountain deer as much space as the lions. Don't they deserve it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Time Ever

Every generation has its advances.

I don't know what it was like to be a mom in the 70's, when I was born, but those mamas can't have had as much fun as I am having now. I'm told there were no such things as 'onesies.' Could this be true? No diaper genies, no wipes warmers. I vaguely remember cloth diapers on my baby sister and the unpleasant plastic underpants that came with them. Granted, they didn't have to wrangle kids into car seats all the time, or buy a new one every time their kid grew into a new shoe size.

People talk about these days being the worst ever, but I have to pointedly disagree. I can't speak for mothers of older children, but toddler mommying couldn't be better in 2008.

I know my mom always loved being a mother, and I know for a fact that she appreciated being able to stay home to raise me and my sibs. BUT.

IF ONLY. If only she had what I have as a mother in my generation. Blogs, cell phones, cheap long distance, the Internet. ETSY! Everywhere I turn there is another creative outlet soliciting my right brain. I sometimes have trouble sleeping at night because of all the things I would like to stay up and do. I'm addicted to Web surfing for cool ideas.

Ally doesn't seem to mind. She is even now singing a song to herself and entertaining herself for a few minutes while I am busy typing on the computer. I know that later she'll be only too excited to go run around outside. Then we'll go to the playground like I'm sure my mom did with me, and we'll meet other moms and kids. And they'll be artists and stock traders and essayists and expert mothers who can teach me new stuff.

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Making for the Hills

Coming to Pasadena in March/April '08: The Richardsons. With just weeks left before our move, we decided we'd better find some new digs. We flew to L.A. this past weekend and had a really lovely time visiting with our friends the Puentes and the Taylors (thanks for all the meals and letting us crash your weekend, guys!), and driving our rental Corrolla all over the city with map in lap.

The house we settled on is in a great Pasadena neighborhood near Eaton Canyon (any connection to the Lehi Eatons?), where the breeze blows wild through the friscalating dusklight. It's not the beach, but it is the mountains. And we like it.

Weekend highlights included...
Drinks at the "kid table" chez Les Taylors:
Little piggies, red trucks:

Hanging out with Birthday Boy, Max & his mum, dad & sisters:

"Ruby with the eyes that sparkle:"

Tasting the sweet Meyer lemon:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lingerie Elf

For Valentine's Day: some racy pictures.

The only commentary I will add is that Ally found and outfitted herself with this neckwear on her own, with no help from anyone, before I even got out of bed in the morning. Both items were in different places, so I guess she is learning to find and identify like things. Either that or she is staging a piece of performance art in protest of our recent efforts to wean.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

La Vie En Roseola

Ally + Roseola Virus = Tired, sad. Extra screamy. Clingy, mad... It was a rough week for the Ally-gator. She had an unexplained fever of almost 104 for 3 days and the doctor finally diagnosed this virus that lots of babies get. In case yours hasn't had it yet, watch for a light rash over the face, neck and torso after a few days of fever. It resolves in about 5 days and has no negative after-effects.

I've never seen her voluntarily lie down to rest before, and she has definitely never been this grumpy. I'm very happy (as is the rest of the household) to report that she's back to her busy, happy self.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sew, Sew, or Suck Yer Toe

I found a fun, easy sewing project on this blog : making play pants out of old t-shirts. What made the project extra fun was the excuse it gave me to cut up some old clothes that I couldn't stand to wear one more time. Maybe they're not the most beautiful clothes Ally has, but she can get them as dirty as she wants and I don't care. And, considering my earlier plans to build a bonfire with my old clothes, this project may even have saved our lives.

They're cuter when there's a little baby in them, but you get the idea.

The pants Ally is wearing below have a bird on the bum, but she wouldn't stand still for a photo.