Wednesday, June 30, 2010

southern utah is gorges

our trip wasn't all tears and sorrow. it was mostly sun, water, food and laughter.

bim's sister & family stayed in our "richardson motel 6" when they came to Disneyland earlier this year. in exchange, they offered us the taj mahal, in form of a 3-story cabin in Brian Head, Utah. not a fair trade, you will agree. we really got the better end of that stick.

Little made friends with "trek" here. not sure what inspired her to give him that name:

another thing i hadn't given proper consideration: the lack of guard rails at the cliffs' edges, and Little's need to run after being cooped up in the car. {!!!} we didn't stay long.
even so, i'll have to add that nightmare to the others that wake me up at night.

all in all, an excellent time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

lacrimae rerum*

hey, i have an idea!!!
let's all get in the car and drive, LIKE, 1,000 miles! and then...{!!!}

...we'll all enjoy...

oh, *the tears of things.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

one wants one's summer days

i had put my camera down for a while, needing both hands while Bim was out of town. but since he's back, i have loads and loads {and loads} of pictures. blogger is warning me that i'm approaching capacity. take this, sucka!

covered in this display of randomness...

:: swimming lessons

:: trips to huntington gardens with friends & family

:: the backyard daily

:: terrorizing the museum staff

:: father's day goes down in pasadena

Little attracted some attention when she stood in front of this Mary Cassat painting {below left} and yelled, Mom, look! it's a picture of you and me!

"girls, come and look at this caterpillar!"

"my daddy's going to take me to see shamu"

sometimes, if you speak your wish aloud enough times, it comes true.

we also visited the "beach" at one of the little bays along San Diego's coast.

and now, the beach in trippy sepia tone:

refreshment at the Corvette Diner:

{healthy?} OBSESSION

what is your current or longstanding obsession? mine is toys. specifically, these toys.

you may have noticed them in some of my pictures. that's because they go everywhere we do. Wee loves toys so much that she shakes and bounces whenever we get a new one.

they never break. they love to get wet, dirty, tossed around. they go in swimming pools, doll houses, cars, boats, bathtubs and pockets. did i mention? they never break. they have no little parts to lose. they inspire endless creative play. they're friendly and peaceable.

we do fight over them sometimes. but really, i endorse, endorse, endorse.