Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Krista!

Join me in wishing Sherry Carpet a happy birthday. I owe her big time! I am currently in Virginia for a big patent trial and will be here for the next few weeks. I am sad that I cannot spend the day with her. Luckily, her father is in town to celebrate with her and help out with Little. We did have a little birthday celebration on December 28, when her brother and sister and their families were still in town for Christmas. Lauren and Eric made a delicious dinner and cake. Thanks! And we did go out to eat at a nice restaurant on December 27.

Happy Birthday Krista! And happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


they're coming! tomorrow! nearly* all of my hopes and dreams have come true!

let it begin.

*though bitterly missing fofee, miss kitti & daisy spots

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

first aid for kids

don't mind me. i'm posting this so i will remember how to access it in a hurry. just in case.

CPR for infants & children

i'm always printing it and losing it. so here it is. now i just need to keep The Beans out of trouble so i never need it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

buddha on the nest: the prego diaries

for megan h, who asked for proof.

(this post is alternately titled, the white whale redux)

i did plan on documenting this just went so fast. and for some reason no one seems to want to immortalize my pregnant image on film. maybe i was less grotesque (or, shall we say, "more glowy") the first time around? not as i--or hubs--remember it. anyway, here is what i have. (for some reference, the above picture was taken at 32 weeks).

obviously i'm only including the most flattering, least revealy ones (my litmus test: would byu administration allow this photo to be displayed on campus as part of an art exhibit?). i think we can all say YES! probably.

maybe. except for this one, which demonstrates an appalling lack of dignity:

and now, for posterity, below is some documentation of Little's time in the oven.

(this is the part where you all write in to tell me how great i look and that, it's strange, but i actually seem to be growing smaller as the days go by.... but don't really. it would just be embarrassing to all of us.)

holy crap, that's a lot of pictures of me gestating. i'm all done here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy birfday, Little

ignore the darth vader breathing in the background. operating a camera is physically taxing for me. also i don't usually get up this early.

thanks for the fun birthday mail, fam! Little loved opening the card from J, K and Grace--over and over again. the stickers were a big hit. also, she's got a sucker in her mouth (grandma N).

here's last year's birthday video.

and the year before (no action shots of that one):