Wednesday, September 29, 2010

baby bimpire comes of age

post #334: we've reached our photo storage limit! no more pictures on this blog. but, after the apple sale is over, i'll put some attention into starting up a new one. any name suggestions? i was thinking about the kristasphere, but it will more than likely be more along the lines of bimpire the second, an homage to the person who makes this bimmity life possible.

oh, did i mention the apple sale is still going FOR ONE MORE DAY? i'd like to send an informal thanks to all our kind contributors! and i'd like to send you a little something, too. watch your mail in the coming days.

ONE MORE DAY! WE COULD MAKE IT! a reminder to those who live far away: you don't have to buy apples. a small donation in any amount is gratefully received! the fundraiser helps keep tuition lower so more kids can attend.


1 comment:

Nicea said...

1. Please keep The Bimpire as your new blog title, or as you said, some form of it. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

2. Check your email for apple info.

3. Love you. All. I'm so glad you came all this way for Amanda's wedding. It wouldn't have been complete without you. Sounds trite, I know. But, hey, you're the one with the word skills. I just say it like I think it. :p