Tuesday, September 14, 2010

that's how it dooz

Little and i officially have an inside joke. i would tell you about it, but then it would be outside.

our first day back to preschool was pretty smooth and almost completely lovely, if you don't count the hours before and after. it started sometime during what they call the wee hours (as if that makes them cuter) when a third person squeezed into our bed too excited to sleep the night before school. i suppose that is pretty cute. i tried to ignore the wisdom that poor quality sleep can lead to poor quality parenting, which could have given me an excuse to be as crazy on the outside as i felt on the inside. let the record show: i was excellent all day. Little HAS SO MUCH TO LEARN FROM ME.

she was truly sweet and playful with Liv today and i want to remember those hugs and giggles and lolling around. so skip ahead through hours of verbal abuse and accusations (hers to me) until at last she climbed onto my bed, curled up next to me, and slept for the next three hours. at moments like that you don't let yourself think ahead to what challenges will arise at bedtime after a child has slept all afternoon--and into the evening. at least i don't. i would have cried with relief if only i hadn't been so exhausted.

later i was taken completely by surprise when Little went to wash her hands at our bathroom sink without her step stool and barely had to get on tippy toes. she is that tall.

mom, i told you to not say that to me!
mom, don't close your eyes! DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES!
moooooooooooooooooooom! NO! i told you i don't WANNA [eat...rest...play...talk to you...act like a reasonable human being]
i told you i wanna WATCH! *sniffle* a watch will make me happy.

it was a day full of excitement, wonder, anger, thrills, worry, a little bit of TV, laughter and time spent side by side, and eye to eye. a day i earned.


richard dandelion said...

You should get a job writing Tracy Jordan for “30 Rock.”

Natalie said...

I love your words. They tickle memories of my own littles days and oh how they make me smile.
(loved your September poem as well)

Jessica said...

After reading Richard's comment all I can think about is hearing you say "Little HAS SO MUCH TO LEARN FROM ME" in Tracy Jordan's voice.

Also, I love how you write Little's conversations. They make me smile.

Char said...

Sometimes I go through days when I think, surely this can't be how a normal 3, almost 4 year old, REALLY acts. And then I think, maybe he has a condition. Or maybe I somehow, through my lack of parental know how, have seriously gone wrong with this child. I really loved reading this post.

Sherry Carpet said...

i love tracy jordan. i have A LOT TO LEARN from HIM.

@char: i hear you. oh, man, do i hear you.

Nicea said...

Most excellent post with painting words.

Megara said...

"Mom, don't be so dramatic." That was my fave from yesterday.
How often is her preschool? I really miss your girls and especially Ally's spunk!