Sunday, September 12, 2010

before the big one

my computer is due for a monumental crash. it's given me plenty of warning signs and still i eke out what minutes i can between regular stalls & fits. this is the best i can do for now.
there. that wasn't so hard.
i think i'll try another.


Megara said...

I love the boots with that dress. Priceless. Did you make Liv's overalls? Super cute!! My favorite shot is Liv on the sand on her belly. Too cute!

Oh, and had Ally ever played on If not, go there! It is super great for learning to read!

annie said...

i just love love love all your pictures.

Jana Brookes said...

Yeah, what a life!

Natalie said...

My favorites were the first and the last. They tell their own story in a simple straightforward way. ...and yet allllllllll of the others are fabulous too!

Sherry Carpet said...

@meg: yes, starfall is a standby here! it taught ally to read and write. but no, i did not make the overalls. vintage store find.