Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little's wind chime

this project was inspired, i think, by blues clues. all i know for sure is that it had to be done right away before someone's head exploded. {and visited often.}


Megara said...

Super fun. Please to be sending instructions??

Sarah said...

my kids would just love it at your house. Maybe I'll send them. but then again maybe I should come with them!

Jana Brookes said...

way to go little! nice job!

Sherry Carpet said...

@meg: ally said we needed ribbon and spoons, and she was right--that was pretty much it. we used a metal hoop i had and wound ribbon around it; then we bent spoons in half and hung them from yarn. more ribbons for fluttering in the really makes a lovely sound.

@sarah: don't tease. just come visit, pleeeeez.

@jana: thanks, cuz!